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Aids in africa

            Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or better known as A. is a highly deadly and sexually contagious disease. A.I.D.S. causes damage to the bodies immune system and rejects it's ability to fight disease and other illnesses. Since being discovered in 1981 in the United States, A.I.D.S. has been one of the most deadliest diseases known, and is without a known cure. In recent years, this great problem, where the most of the 45 million known cases has occurred in Africa. The most important and serious reason for Africa's misfortunes is the lack of availability of medications that will help treat A.I.D.S. patients. Either people are often too poor to afford medications or the government refuses to treat properly their dieing citizens. Either way, the lack of medications for A.I.D.S. patients in Africa must be wiped out in order to save the nations youth and preserve the future.
             Africa is one of the very few nations in the world that has yet to experience the new types of treatments, that are becoming more and more available. It has been bluntly put by one African medical researcher " We can't afford to spend money on people who will end up dead anyways." Said by Dr. Iwan Bekker, head of peaditricians at South African hospital in the associated press 2/14/2002. He also stated "When a baby gets bad, we won't admit it for a second time, but will tell the mother to take it home and let it die." This was also said in the associated press of the Washington Post 2/14/2002. Doctors turn patients away due to Africa being to poor to afford medications and treatments.
             Although there is many new treatments that have become available to the citizens of Africa, most of them are way to poor to afford the high costing treatments. These new medications include many new types of anti-retroviral drugs. They have proved to be very helpful to the citizens that receive the medication. Unfortunately, most of them are very expensive.

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