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Discursive Essay - Uniform in schools

            Task; Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of school uniform.
             A subject that always arouses strong feelings on both sides of the argument is whether uniform should be worn in schools. I believe that schoolchildren should not be forced to wear any type of uniform.
             Generally speaking, I am against the wearing of school uniform for the following reasons; in many schools girls are forced to wear skirts. Also I feel that wearing a uniform restricts a person's individuality. However, I am aware that many people are in favour of wearing uniform in schools, they believe that they create a sense of uniformity among children in school, and they also feel that schools which have a uniform perform better academically. .
             Firstly I am against the wearing of school uniform because I believe that girls are discriminated against. Although wearing uniform has been slightly relaxed in some schools in recent years, many still insist that girls wear only skirts and under no circumstances, trousers. I feel that this is a direct breach of human rights. The argument for girls is that they should be treated equally. Therefore, I believe that if boys can wear trousers and not be punished for it then why are girls treated differently? In addition, many girls argue that it gets far too cold in the winter to wear skirts. In some cases girls have been sent home, suspended and even expelled for wearing trousers. I feel that this is totally unnecessary. If girls were not forced to wear uniform then this problem would not exist.
             Furthermore, I believe that uniform is a bad idea because it restricts a person's individuality. In my opinion, expressing your individuality is an integral part of school, and life. I believe uniform makes it harder for young people to develop as individuals and show who they really are. In the world we live in today I believe showing and developing individuality is extremely important. To obtain a good job you need to be able to think for yourself and be independent.

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