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The Tortilla Curtin

            The novel "The Tortilla Curtain- by T. Coraghessan Boyle is about two Mexican immigrants who come to America to be free. One of the Mexican immigrants, Candido, gets hit by the car of a white man. There other immigrant is America, who is the wife Candido. America is a seventeen-year-old Mexican girl who, through the eyes of Candido, appears to be nave but is actually a very strong individual. She comes to America with nothing and is forced to take charge and set up a future for her and her husband. Through her struggle to erect she is constantly being torn down by problems that are occurring around her. However she is able to overcome these tragedies and move forward. She does not let anyone see how the tragedies have effected her, for she feels it imperative to look to the future and keep her past behind her. America truly wants to move on and get to the better life. Through the actions of America, Boyle shows that America is a symbol for the African Americans of the civil war movements, who remained strong throughout all their struggles. .
             Some readers might see America as nave by the way Candido sees her. He is constantly referring to her as a little girl and feeling that she needs to be dependent on him. "America. The thought of her brought her face back to him, her wide innocent face, the face of a child still, with the eyes that bled into you and the soft lisping breath of a voice that was like the first voice you'd ever heard.""(50) He feels this way when America wants to find work so they can set up their lives in America. .
             America is actually a strong, determined person. America came to this country with nothing and was able to make money for her family. Even though Candido clearly said that he did not want her to work she ignored him insisting that "'Someone has to go.- (49) This was America's attitude towards staying strong in this country, whether it be man or woman.

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