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The Creation of Microbia

             In a far off galaxy, of another universe, in the year one million, on the planet Skeetert, thousands of Skeets were preparing to explore their galaxy for non-colonized planets. The Skeets were facing a problem of over populating their planet. The exploration was to cover their galaxy in all directions to find a planet that would support their life. .
             On planet Skeetert, there are Skeets, which are little green dwarves with short stubby tails. There are psychotic ishes, which are their living source, all over. These ishes provide a chemical called Psyche which let the Skeets live (its like oxygen for us). The Skeets living facilities are palatial sponges, in which a family of Skeets lives. A family consists of at least one hundred Skeets. .
             Papa Skeet, who was the head of all skeets, sent one hundred vrooms (an extremely fast, odd looking spacecraft) off on an exploratory mission to find themselves somewhere suitable for living. These ships were the Skeets homes, which is nothing like their palatial sponges, of the skeets, until they found a planet to live on, and had supplies for years of space travel. Each ship carried fifty skeets; meaning about five thousand skeets were on this journey. .
             Mr. Tato, an adroit leader of the Corn Nut ship, was the Captain of this Mission. He was in the first ship to take off. His subordinate Friday, who did everything he said, was the only blue skeet in the universe, or so they thought. Papa Skeets daughter, Princess Sleah, his only weakness, was the only love for Mr. Tato. He was hopelessly devoted to her. She was the only offspring of Papa Skeet so he was very protective of her. He had never let her be with anyone previous to Mr. Tato. .
             When Mr. Tato had spotted an object in the far distance he thought to himself what a perfect time this is to impress everyone. He told Boop and Beep; twin Skeets who were the irrepressible pilots of Corn Nut, to take the vroom to the object.

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