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             Not many people have a wonderful experience with food, or even a fond memory about it, but I do. There is an experience about a particular food that I will carry with me for a long time. Even though people will think "why a appetizer? There are so much better meals out there."" But not better than this meal, this was the appetizer/meal of life. It took place at Outback Steak House. It was called the "Aussie Cheese Fries-, and wow. .
             As my girlfriend and I walked into the restaurant, I quickly scan at the menu and said "Blooming Onion please-. The waitress grabbed the menu, and looked at my girlfriend. Yessie was confused with how fast I snatched the menu, and replied: "I'm not ready yet, five more minutes please."" The waitress nodded and walked away. I looked at my girlfriend and explain that I attacked the menu, because I was really hungry and I heard the Blooming Onion was their special. After ten minutes went by, and were having the best time of our lives. No one to call or bother us, just two talking and being happy with each other's company. When I saw the waitress, she approached our table with a plate of glaze. When she put down the plate in front of us, I knew this was a wrong order.
             With a confused face and one eyebrow up, I watched this cholesterol, heart stopping, greasy fries topped with cheese, at my table. Cheese glazing all over the fries and plate, not just cheese on top, but melted cheese overflowing the Pacific ocean. Sprinkled bacon on top of the cheese to give it a certain look like bakery chefs top their cakes with sprinkles, with a side dish of creamy ranch sauce. I glanced at this plate and look toward Yessie, I notice how ΒΌ of the plate is missing. She already decided to try a meal that was not ours. With her index finger and thumb covered with cheese and ranch she licks them saying with a mouth full (yea she does not have manners when she is with me) "It's really good, is this the blooming onion?- she said sarcastically.

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