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Different Mediums of Information and Entertainment

            There are different mediums to get information or be entertained. The three oldest are: newspapers, radio, and television. It is a matter of personal decision to choose between them, but the decision is also influenced by their differences. In certain exceptions the media is determined by availability, in the case where one of the mediums couldn"t reach certain spot. .
             Television is the biggest media. It reaches millions of homes around the world. The information shown in television is accurate and almost instantaneous. Television companies have a gigantic net of communication by satellites which makes the world seem small. A report from China could get to the US in a matter of minutes. This media has incredible variety of subjects; there are channels of music like MTV, channels with movies like HBO, channels of education as the history channel, and news channels as CNN. Duo 1a. Mediums of information are great: television is amazing.
             Radio is a medium that can be found almost in every spot of the earth. There are national and regional stations controlling it. Duo 2.National stations use long waves; regional, short waves. The news on the radio are exposed and delivered quick yet it is not the quickest way to receive information. Most of the time news come in informative flashes, which are short spots between the regular shows that give short explanations about them. Entertainment is great because music can be found almost 24/7 and there is a huge variety of shows.
             Newspaper is the oldest media. It has been spreading the news for more than a hundred years. It has been improving with the time. At first used for news it now entertains too. PP 5.While evolving with the years, the newspaper succeeds. Millions of copies are sold daily around the world. People can found information about sports, movies or even cooking. It might take a while receiving the news but it might be the most accurate media, because it always shoes the full stories.

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