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Presious life

             With the many "tug of wars" people face in today's society, it just seems that people tend to choose ways out of their personal problems. Some ways are acceptable to society, and some are not. Suicide, a major cause of death for individuals has been the way out for many. Suicide, not acceptable to many, is being questioned by individuals who want suicide to be legalized. This controversy not only disgusts people, but debates over what is right and what is wrong.
             In the essay "Suicide a Civil Right," by Lawrence Stevens, suicide is regarded as purely an issue of personal freedom. The U.S constitution mentions free speech. This free speech is violated when an individual does not have the right to kill himself. "There is a certain right by which we may deprive a man of life, but none by which we may deprive him of death" (1). This implies that people have the right to kill themselves if they wish. Not only does this statement annoy those who are not under the circumstances of suicide, but people that have taken positive steps to overcome the problem of suicide. Suicide is one of the most popular causes of death among teenagers and men of elderly age. Ones that are trying to legalize suicide are not only bold in making such a statement, but also ignorant to the psychological point of view of how children may start reasoning on what is right and what is wrong. .
             One may wonder why some people want to legalize suicide. The reasons can be many. One of the reasons is because many suffer mental problems. Not having the desire to die, but mainly being victims to mental disorders. In the essay "What's Wrong with Making Assisting Suicide Legal", studies have been conducted on people who have committed suicide in the past. "Extensive interviews and examination of medical records, found that ninety three percent of those studied who committed suicide were mentally ill at the time" (1).

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