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Ways of Explaining Education

            Education is about respecting the world enough to realise that you can make a .
             difference, and by making a difference the world will then be rescued from its peril.
             Education provokes quick, resolute and effective thought and this, in conjunction with .
             the character of a person can save the world from jeopardy. Which occurance would .
             be inevitable if not for the new ideas and efforts of the next generation.
             Education is also about respecting and loving your children enough to provide for .
             them the freedom to explore and experience the world as an individual. Education .
             must enable one to discern true from false, real from unreal and fact from fiction. .
             Education must shape the character of a person through experience, learning, and .
             knowledge. To arrest your children from this undiscovered appreciation and .
             knowledge would only leave the world in peril. Giving children education is giving .
             them the courage to take on and repair the world through intelligence and character - .
             which are the two true goals of education.
             In order to explore these particular ideas regarding education several readings will be .
             utilised. "My Place" by Sally Morgan is a biography about the reader's home and .
             school life throughout her years at primary and high school and university. Vera .
             Brittain's reading entitled "Testament of Youth" is also a biography regarding her .
             "War Generation" era of schooling. Manning Clarke's reading "The Ordeal" is also to .
             be examined, along with Charles Dickens" play entitled "Book the First Sowing" and .
             J.D Salinger's reading called "Teddy.".
             Education is about experience, learning and knowledge. It is about striving for goals, .
             aspirations and making a difference. Intelligence in a person is gained through these .
             experiences of knowledge and learning. However only in conjunction with the .
             character of a person can this intelligence aspire to greatness. .
             Stealing from a child this unforeseen experience of learning and knowledge is stealing .

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