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             In the story "Hills like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway and "Desiree's Baby" by Kate Chopin, there are many similarities in both short stories and that is that of a baby involved. A baby is a little human being that not all women are granted to have. Just as this happens some women take advantage while being pregnant and some don't. As this happens in both of stories, we see the conflicts that affect a woman emotionally to a point that they do not know what to do at times. .
             In "Hills like White Elephants" Hemingway uses symbols and dialogues to get the message of abortion across the readers. Hemingway gives a perspective of the male and women's point of view in this subject matter. In the story the couple are trying to determine whether or not an abortion is the correct choice. The man has one point of view and the woman has another, and that is why they argue throughout the story. The man only think about his well being and not the women's feeling. He tells her "I think it's the best thing to do". He tries confusing her, making his statements a bit contradicting. .
             The conflict itself in this story is whether or not she should go through the abortion. He knows he has won the battle because he knows that his opinion will greatly affect her decision. The woman on the other end is only caring about if the things between both of them will remain the same; she is only concerned about her relationship with him in the future. It does not seem he is saying this from his heart, but is willing to give everything a chance for her to be in agreement to have this procedure take place. .
             The man achieves for her to have an abortion. However, she does not feel very happy with the decision he has made based on the following "Then I"ll do it, because I don't care about me". After the procedure he asks her "Do you feel better?" She answers back not so happy, as if she regretted what just happened a few minutes ago "I feel fine, there's nothing wrong with me.

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