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            If a person's entire life was to be exposed, then, any one would be forced to at least understand and feel compassion toward this person and the people around them. In the movie "the godfather", the life of one Vito Andolini the man who becomes boss of the under world and becomes known as the Godfather, is captured. The story follows not only his friends and family, but also his enemies. "Whether (one likes) it or not (they) will be caught sympathizing with the most powerful characters, and equally despising the enemies of "the Don". .
             Everyone finds some way to sympathies with one or both of the most powerful characters. Michael is brought into the family business of crime almost immediately after his father is "shot three times in the back". The movie watcher knows this, and knows that Michael is going to kill the man who tried to kill his father. "Murder is unforgivable", is a thought that echoes in any ones head when they find themselves learning of how meticulously the murders of (Michaels enemies) are planed, yet it's never really a thought that is registered because of the circumstances under which Michael must kill his enemys. No one casts blame on Michael killing, but instead feels relief at idea that he makes it out alive and next wonders as to if they themselves are now in danger. Also when Michael realizes that he must have a life long friend "taken care of" no thought enters a persons mind as to how evil Michael is becoming, how easily this man (Michael) could simply take another man (Tessio), out of the business (whack him), how the guy(Tessio) doesn't need to meet his maker. Instead, people are thinking that this man needs to be slaughtered, for he's a threat to "the family". Because the entire fall of Michaels" is portrayed in the book, how he goes from being a war hero to a crime boss in gradual steps, and because he is shown loving as well as hating, he becomes more human to the watcher, whom would ordinarily deem such a man subhuman.

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