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Women in sports

            LPGA, WNBA, and Powder-puff Football are all sports that exclude men from participating in them. All these organization were made specifically for women to make our society equal, yet we still have women lecturing that America discriminates against women in sports. I find that difficult to believe with all the women only sports that are developing. So why do women continue to protest against the sport industry? Now I will explain to you why women should not be able to participate in men's sports. Some of my reasons are women have their own sports to play, also women have a different physique than men, and by playing with men it could intimidate them, therefore they will not play to their full potential. These are just a few reasons why men and women can not and should not play together in sports. In following paragraphs I will explain in detail why I believe this. .
             Many schools all around the United States are riding them of men sport teams to agree with an amendment called Title IX. It was enacted as an anti-discrimination it also became a way to make quota or a system that has decreased sports opportunities for men while demanding endlessly expanding opportunities for women. Jessica Gavora, an author to the Women's Quarterly, Independent Women's Forum Magazine, talks about her endless struggle for "gender equity" in college athletics. She talks about how men sport teams opportunities are cut in sports. So to benefit and please the women of sports the men's funding in high and college sports is cut. She disagrees with cutting the funds of men sports to benefit women. In my opinion I think they should just have equal amounts of women and men sports and have equal funds. For instance I do not think it is far men that are paid millions for their sports and women are paid a fraction of that. I know it is because women sports are not as popular and do not attract as many fans, but something should be done about that.

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