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College essay

            Over the past two years the effects of one traumatic incident has remolded my status as not only a student, but as an individual as well. In the beginning of this year I was hospitalized for a long period of time, which caused me to miss a great deal of school and work. I was hospitalized because I was forced to perform sexual favors for a peer at gun point. As you can imagine, the stress of being raped by another male student, and then being forced to see and attend class with this individual everyday would be enough to make it very difficult for any student to perform at any level, especially their highest level of Excellency both in the classroom and through daily struggles involving extra-curricular activities. Due to the hefty work loads missed because of my hospitalization, it was impossible for me to catch up with my 1st quarter work and to prevent failure in those classes. It was brought to my attention that colleges believed that I was merely slacking because I had no work ethic being that it was my senior year. I assure you that this is not the case. In fact, I have completely changed my aspirations for college. Originally I wanted to be a pilot; However, I have now decided to pursue a career as a Doctor, Psychologist, or Lawyer so that I can bring happiness to others and better society.
             As Stress slowly enveloped the once joyful days of my life I realized that transferring was my only option. Although my schedule has changed considerably due to the inability of East Granby to match most of my classes, I am taking 3 more credits than are required for graduation to make up for my unsatisfactory first report cards. At East Granby I am currently enrolled in Honors English and I am slowly but surely overcoming all obstacles to regain my footing. During my study halls in order to "add another log to the fire" of community service I have chosen to dedicate time towards passing my knowledge as a student onto the younger members of the East Granby community.

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