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            I have chosen dance as my field of study because it is something that I have been passionate about all of my life. I started studying ballet when I was five. I loved the joy of movement. Now when I dance, I get a wonderful feeling of channeling my energy and emotion. This feeling transforms me into another state of mind. My summer at Chautauqua was my first experience dancing before a large audience. It felt wonderful to be holding my own on the same stage with much older dancers. When I danced the role of Vassilisa in Rafael Grigorian's production of Baba Yaga, I learned how important acting was to ballet and the importance of acting through movement in revealing the emotions in the mind of the character. Dance is important to me because it allows me a way to explore and express my innermost feelings and emotions. .
             I think that I have learned my most valuable lessons in dance from the young girls that I teach. In working hard to develop a strong Russian Vaganova Technique, I sometimes lose the feeling of joy in deference to the art. My young students remind me of the joy that is dance that comes not just from technique, but from the spontaneity in your soul. I enjoy watching how happy they are to be dancing. I particularly enjoy it when they say "They want to be just like me.".
             I plan on performing in a company after I graduate. My goal is to become a principal dancer. When I am no longer able to dance professionally, I would like to teach and share what I have learned. Teaching brings me such joy and is something I could see myself doing for as long as I am able. I would also like to bring the art of ballet and dance back to my community. Master Grigorian teaches a ballet program in the public school system to underprivileged children and I would like to become part of that tradition. I would like to attend Juilliard and learn more about dance performing, choreography, and teaching. I believe that the Juilliard dance program will afford me the training and credentials necessary to accomplish my goals.

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