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Honors Study Hall Complaint

            In years past, in order to obtain senior honor study hall in the high school you had to have an average of 85 or better. This year a new average was set and this new average was 90. My group, which consists of Devin Sweeney, Chris Richmond, Chad Burhans, Matt Sutton, Jason Kennedy, and myself, Steve Hartnett, planned to work together and change the grade required to obtain senior honor study hall. Our plan was to try to get the required average back to an 85.We planned to have a few members of our group talk to the people in charge of issuing senior honor study hall and a few others go to meetings that were called together by our student body government who was working toward a similar goal that we were. But they were working to make both honor and merit study halls instead of trying to change the honor study hall. Their proposal was to let the people that had averages above 90 leave the building during their study halls and to let the people with averages above 85 to go to the library or computer room during their study halls.
             Chad Burhans, Jason Kennedy, and I were the members of our group that volunteered to go talk to Mr. Morone and Mr. Farah. We didn't get much of an answer when we asked Mr.Morone if he would help us in changing the study hall back to 85. He told them that an 85 average was not considered slacking but that if you can only obtain that average then you were not exerting yourself to the fullest. Mr. Farah told us to take a different approach to our action plan. He told us to compromise with our student body government officers and try to get senior and merit study halls with different privileges for each. After Mr. Farah told us that, we figured that we would probably have a better chance doing what he said because now we at least knew that he was thinking about what our student body government had proposed.
             The other members of our group, Devin Sweeney, Chris Richmond, and Matt Sutton volunteered to go to the meetings that were being held.

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