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Iraq War

             The United States should go to war with Iraq. The United Nation Inspectors have previously failed at attempts to uncover nuclear weapons, and are predetermined to fail. The United States does not need the approval of the United Nations to fight Iraq, and is perfectly capable of fighting Iraq by themselves. A regime change is called for in Iraq, as the Iraqi army supports Saddam and continues to make the weapons of mass destruction, and eventually a nuclear weapon. Saddam is an extremely dangerous man possessing the world's most dangerous weapons.
             In the past several years, the United Nations Inspectors have been consistently unsuccessful in completing their tasks, and are almost predestined to not be successful. They have found and destroyed weapons of mass destruction, but we know that Saddam has many more. Saddam refuses for Iraq to be searched by United Nation Inspectors, and will not willingly give anything up The only way to end the threat of Saddaam acquiring a nuclear bomb and attacking the United States with it, is to permanently remove him from the face of the earth (dun dun dun ). Considering the size of Iraq, it would be extremely difficult for a one hundred to three hundred person team, to find all of the weapons and destroy nuclear weapon materials. Saddam will always be able to hide certain things from the United Nations Inspectors, and he has allies that will help him hide weapons in other countries. The United Nation Inspectors will not be of any assistance to the United States with disarming Saddam.
             The United States is more than capable of going into the war with Iraq by themselves. Obviously, the support of the United Nations is preferred, but it is possible to fight Saddam alone, if the United States has to. In the Persian Gulf War the United States defeated Iraq, and now eleven years later, the United States is much stronger then it was, and Iraq is much weaker.

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