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Northern And Southern Economies

            The Northern and Southern economies of the United States were.
             very different economically; this had a lot to do with the climate.
             The Temperature in the north wasn't suitable for growing cash.
             crops like the south so they developed differently.
             The Northern economy was usually a main city with.
             countryside and small farms and towns. Many jobs included the.
             many trades, such as blacksmithing, tailoring, silversmiths, and.
             small shop owners. Trade was also a big factor as many of the.
             trade in the United States took place im the north along cities such.
             as Boston and New York. The farms scattered throughout the.
             countryside were small farms that provided for themselves and.
             would sell any extra crops they had left over. Not many slaves.
             were used in the north because they were not needed as extensively.
             as they were in the south.
             The quiet Southern life was much different from the.
             bustling and busy life of the North. Large plantations covered the.
             vast majority of the south. These Plantations were huge farms,.
             which grew cash crops such as cotton and tobacco. Slaves made.
             up the most of the Southern population as rich plantation owners.
             would exploit them to pick the crops. Shops weren't needed as.
             many of the plantations would care for themselves and had all they.
             needed on their land.
             Both the North and South grew up in different ways, but.
             could still function. Which way of life would be better? Obviously.
             we needed the large plantations, but slaves operated them. .
             These totally different ways of life eventually led to the Civil War.
             The South didn't fight for the slaves, maybe the large plantation.
             owners did, but the majority of the south who was poor, fought.
             because they believed the North wanted to change there way of life.
             and culture.

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