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The War On Iraq

            For years, the United States has encountered many situations with Saddam Hussein, but until now, solving this dilemma has not been a top priority on the United States" agenda. Action against Iraq was put on hold until after the war in Afghanistan was over; that explains the timing of this new policy. Since President Bush has now decided that it is appropriate to take some sort of action against Iraq, the United States is faced with many options. .
             The United States has tried in the past to mount a coup and to foster an internal rebellion, but both have failed. They remain possibilities but the repression currently taking place in Iraq makes a coup difficult and a rebellion almost suicidal. Another option is a military attack known as an "inside out" strike by pinpoint weapons; this would remove Saddam and could actually provoke a regime change and make a war unnecessary. If this is not possible though, a full-scale invasion might be contemplated. This would involve about 250,000 American troops who would attack mainly through Kuwait. The decision of the U.S. will depend greatly on whether the Iraqi Army resists or whether its officers will abandon Saddam and surrender. .
             However, there is one problem with these war plans, and that is the incredible risk of going to war against Iraq. If America invaded Iraq, it could provoke the use of chemical and biological weapons; the question is still circulating, however, whether or not Saddam has these types of weapons available to him, and if he does, whether or not he would use them. One major concern is that civilians would be killed if we went to war, as they were in the Gulf War as well as in Serbia.
             Personally, I think that it would be a very wise decision for the United Nations to impose the strictest and strongest regulations and requirements that the Iraqi government must comply with. I would also suggest that the inspectors should not permit any deviation or the bypassing of any necessary inspection.

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