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Benjamin Franklin

             Benjamin Franklin was a great inventor. Now, before he became an inventor, his father worked in a factory. Then he goes to Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin's characterization is that he is a smart and an intelligent person. Benjamin Franklin is a smart and an intelligent person because he invented many things. He invented the bifocals. Now the bifocal is glasses that lets you see farness and lets you see near. Also Benjamin Franklin invented the Benjamin Stove. He invented many things, but he discovered how electricity travels. He got a kite and tied a key at the end of the kite. It was a stormy night and he got struck by lightning.
             Summary- Benjamin Franklin born in 1706 in Boston was the 15th of his father's 17 children. He went to school when he was a child, with the intention of becoming a minister, as his father named Josiah, wanted to. However, that idea was dropped after Franklin showed an eager interest in reading and writing. He was apprenticed to his brother, James at a young age, but after fighting with his brother he quit the job and moved to Philadelphia, where he worked for a man named Samuel Keimer. After assisting some prominent political figures, including the royal Governor, Franklin left for England, where he spent 18 months working for a printer with his friend James Ralph, with whom he later became enemies with. Shortly after returning to America in 1726, Franklin formed a debating club called the Junto. Two years later, he took over The Pennsylvania Gazette from Samuel Keimer and turned it into a successful publication with tools from London. Now, in 1730, Benjamin Franklin got married to his old sweetheart, Deborah Read, with whom he had two children. The first, William Franklin who was born approximately one year later after his wedding.

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