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             Why? Because Gandhi was perhaps the most notable person of the 20th century to use non-violent protests, and possibly the best example of one. But maybe you don't know the story of Gandhi, in which case, I will tell it to you.
             The important part of Gandhi's story starts when he was about to join a college for further study, however his eldest brother decided to send him to England to become a barrister.
             He arrived in London in October, 1888. At first, he had to face numerous handicaps. He almost starved until he found a good vegetarian restaurant. He learned Latin and French, and finally passed his law examination. Now he was a barrister. Gandhi wanted to return home and tell his mother about his travels in London and how he had kept his vows not to eat meat and drink. But when Gandhi returned home home he found his mother had died only weeks before.
             Here, in India, Gandhi started practice as a lawyer in Rajkot. After some time, an offer came to him to go to South Africa as a legal adviser to an Indian firm owned by a Muslim businessman there. Gandhiji accepted the offer and in May 1893, he went to Natal in South Africa. .
             In South Africa, Indians were ill-treated and disgraced. They were called `Coolies'. Very soon Gandhi had his share of this experience. He was traveling in a train to Pretoria, in a first class compartment. On the way, a European passenger entered the compartment and found Gandhi sitting there. He complained to the station master: "Take this coolie out and put him in a lower class!- .
             Gandhi raised an objection that he had a first class ticket, but nobody heard him. A policeman pushed him out with his bag and baggage. The train left. Gandhi spent the night shivering in cold, but he did not touch his luggage.
             This incident changed the whole course of his life. He decided to fight all such injustices with the weapon of Truth. Later on, he named this weapon "Satyagraha."" (The story of Gandhi) .

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