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            Mahatma Gandhi made many successful changes to India by 1939, due to his method of Satyagraha, a form of non-violence. He used this method on a local scale with campaigns in Champeran, Kaira and Ahmedabad, but also on a larger, national scale with campaigns against the Rowlatt laws, non co-operation and the salt Satyagraha.
             Satyagraha can take many meanings and shapes, and is very hard to define in a word or sentence. But to generalize it, it is "non-violent resistance". It is the technique developed by Gandhi, purposely created to bring a about change, be it political or social, and do so without means of violence from the person applying Satyagraha, .
             even though they themselves may be inflicted pain. Gandhi applied Satyagraha to many of his campaigns, but they weren't all the same, some were marches, others boycotts, but all followed the same rules and procedures, such as no coercion "violent persuasion", complete honesty and a willingness to suffer.
             The first time Gandhi introduced India to Satyagraha on a local scale was at Champeran, a small town on the north west border of India, which was in strife because, the Indian peasants were being forced to produce Indigo, a blue powder, for their British landlords, and were not being paid a decent amount of money for their produce. So in 1917, Gandhi went investigate the situation, but once there was cut short by the British commissioner who told Gandhi to call off his investigation and leave. Then Gandhi applied Satyagraha by politely telling the commissioner that he would have to put him in jail, because he would not leave. A sharp letter from Morheads superiors told him to let Gandhi continue his investigation, because he was known to thrive on this type of situation. It caused much focus on Gandhi and people were amazed by his odd method that seemed to work and get results. It also had weaknesses though because after the Champeran struggle, many people left Champeran once Gandhi did, showing that people weren't in one hundred percent.

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