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            To be measured as one of the most influential men that have graced the planet with his presence is one of the most crowning achievements a person's memory can have. Gandhi left such a legacy in which he can be considered one of these chosen few. Gandhi was a simple man, a man of God, a man of himself, and most importantly a man of the people. His sole purpose in his latter part of life was to achieve what every person on the planet deserves and must demand, self rule.
             Though Gandhi's messages were very clear and clean cut, the way he went about coming to the conclusions he did was quite intriguing and at times confusing to the average person I imagine. Throughout his life, Gandhi surrounded himself with religious people, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims alike, and he was capable of doing something a vast majority of the world has not been able to do for thousands of years; see all religions and people as equal no matter what. His purpose of life can be best described as a lifelong mission to bring about change in society, a change in government, social order, and religious toleration. The reason I believe that Gandhi was so proficient in getting Indian and just people to follow his teachings were that he was not out to rule a country. His purpose was not to tenet vast lands, reform a church, or invent anything it was simply to bring the civil liberties that should be given to all beings to the people of his native land of India. .
             Gandhi's journey in becoming the man he was before being tragically murdered was one of great self-revelation and reinvention. At a somewhat early age Mohandas more or less sold out to the British Empire. He shredded his native heritage and began learning their laws, their ways, and in their country, England. Becoming a lawyer at first could definitely be seen as the ultimate sell out, but in fact it paved the way for his understanding of rights and liberties he later taught.

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