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             In 1757 England began a conquest to rule India. Their dream was not totally complete, but they had ruled much of the country. There were many attempts to regain India's independence but none were successful. But everything changed when Gandhi began his campaign.
             Mahatma Gandhi was born in India in 1869. His father was the Prime Minister of a small state called Kathiawar. When he finished school Gandhi left his home to go to England were he began his law studies. After his studies he began a law practice (that was unsuccessful). A few years later he left to go to South Africa to contest a case.
             While travelling on a train in 1st class he was kick of for begging inside the 1st class cabins when he was coloured. From this shock of racism he decided to stand up for himself and the people of India. This was the start of Gandhi's campaign. .
             He fought for a few years in South Africa for the rights of all, to become equals. This was a compete success, thanks to the press around world, England was put under great pressure to make this decision. Here is were we begin to see Gandhi's greatest quality, his determination.
             As you see Gandhi has a very deep commitment to his people. The reason for him becoming this strong willed was the wake up call on the train that night, that everything is not OK. His commitment to his people grow stronger and stronger all from his determination for an independent India. .
             South Africa was not yet total finished, but there were bigger problems over in his home country India. So he left. When he arrived the people were ecstatic, they had herd all about this man that defied the British and were exited to meet him. .
             Straight Gandhi began peaceful demonstrations and protests through out the country, he went all over the countryside teaching every one of his ways. Soon he had become well known not just to India but to the whole world.
             Many months later Gandhi's wife the major influence in his life died peacefully in her sleep beside him, soon after the last of his protests.

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