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             Gandhi was born in 1869 in the state of Gujarat in Western India. He was born a Hindu, he was also born in the Merchant caste. At age 13 he entered an arranged marriage with Kasturbai Makanji, she was also 13. He was sent to London to study law by his family. In 1891 he was called to the bar. He then moved to Southern Africa to practice law.
             Gandhi worked towards Indian people getting equality in Southern Africa. After he achieved that, he moved back to India where he worked towards India's independence from the British. He worked hard to unify India and return Indian people to their native culture.
             He worked towards these goals by protesting what he didn't believe was right. He did every thing non-violently. He used non-cooperation to get his point across. The Salt protest was one of his biggest protests. The British had put a tax on salt in India and Gandhi knew that wasn't right since the salt they were using was coming from the Indian Ocean, he helped and led the people to making their own salt. Gandhi began making his own clothing for two reasons, one because it was a way to return to his culture, and two because it was a way to boycott against the British who most Indians got their clothes from. Another thing Gandhi did was a day of prayer and fasting. It was a peaceful strike that pretty much everyone took part in. On that day, nothing happened. In South Africa, all Indians had to have a pass to walk on the street. Gandhi let a protest where many of the Indian people burned their passes. Gandhi was arrested then, there was a fight between the Indian men and the British police officers. .
             I think Gandhi was successful because India did become independent from Britain without using violence, but then again, India was still very dependant in ways on Britain, so you could view whether he was successful in many ways.

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