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             For many people, there are many recurrent issues that become most prominent in their minds when considering what they believe needs changing or wants to change. There are numerous, extensive amounts of problems within society today, ranging from government issues to personal problems. The question is why anyone isn't doing anything to fix these universal problems. Problems such as racism, prejudice, terrorism, the poor, unhealthy and sick, loneliness and most importantly the unhappy. .
             I, myself, have many issues to deal with concerning my outlook on life and how I do certain things the way I do. One specific problem of mine is that it I have trouble finding a true, real friend who will be there from the start of my life to the end. That also incorporates with happiness and loneliness. With so many people living on this earth, there has to be someone who must also be searching for that everlasting friendship. I've gone through life meeting many friends, people who I've met through a friend or some complete stranger. I have no trouble meeting people for I am very social when it comes down to it, but I do have this tendency to remain quiet when I"m in certain surroundings. .
             Ever since I was a boy in elementary school, I've always had a best friend from elementary to junior high school. It's been hard going from school to school losing a best friend but gaining a chance of a friendship with another. That's how it went for me; I had a best friend throughout elementary school to the seventh grade. As we went to different schools, we lost touch and found new friends. Inevitably I found a new best friend as the same for my old best friend. Of course we kept in touch via internet; it wasn't the same as it used to be. We ended up at the same high school in our neighborhood. He had his new group of friends as I did mine. Both of our groups became friends and we all became close friends. But then as years passed, many conflicts arose mainly because someone didn't like the way someone was or did something.

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