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             A story of a family leaving from home, and exploring ones dreams are very important part of naturing. Leaving home for freedom, leaving home for higher education and leaving for a better living life. Have you ever experience the same way as these family does. When they have to leave their country, their home. Where they know what to do to keep them survive, to enter the new world that they don't even familiar of. Well I .
             do, I have the same feeling as they does. Because I was part of that family, I was the second to last child in the family. Our family was total of nine people. We live in a farm, where we have to fish, and plant crops for ours living. We don't have any relative or relationships like other people does, because were so poor. Therefore nobody want to be our relative. They want to be as far from us as possible, so we cant come to them and ask for help, like food or money. Of course we never does that, but that's how the people in .
             our country are. Instead of enjoying like other people does, we have to work hard to keep us survive.
             In 1992, we receiving permission to came to the United State, because my sister was half white. We were very happy to hear this news. But we never though of how our life would be in the country that we never knew of. The country spoke different from us, and the way they act against us. If I was right, we came to Philippines for around six month learning English before we could come over to America.
             We leave our country with no money with us, well actually we have less than $20 US dollar in our pocket, from selling our houses and land. We headed to Philippine and our serious trouble was speaking their language. Even though we live in Philippine for only six month, but to me it seem like really long period of time. Maybe its just me who think it's a long period of time, or maybe I"m too excited and cant wait for that moment. Everything over there is very different from what we use to see and heard of.

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