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role of media

            The role of the media plays a very big part in your life whether you realize it or not. Many of the ideas you come up with, the clothes you wear, and different phrases and clichés you say are brought upon you one way or the other by the media. The media is any tool used to communicate information from one point to another. Your television, radio, newspaper, and tabloids are all considered "the media."" I feel as though the media uses a kind of brainwashing technique and I will show you how it teaches conformity throughout the masses of young people such as yourselves. .
             Everyone look at the clothes you have on right now. I can honestly bet that 90% of all of you have name brand clothing on. Ralph Lauren, Gap, Abercrombie, etc. Have you ever asked yourself why you wear such clothing? Kids get so interested in what other people are wearing that they don't care what they want to wear, they just want to look like everyone else so they fit in. Could it be the fact that everyone is wearing it so I should to? Of course. That right there is what is called conformity. After a few people start wearing what is trendy not too long after everyone will be wearing it because they want to feel "cool- and that they are "fitting in- with everyone else. Fitting in is what the government wants you young adults to learn. The government wants you all to conform with one another so no one will practice any anti-social behavior. In other words the government is afraid that the masses of people will become smarter than the government and realize they do not have to follow the rules and laws which it makes. So the government teaches everyone to conform to one another so no one will "act out of line."".
             If everyone conforms there is much less chaos and more control over the masses of people, specifically the less fortunate lower class. They are the easiest to conform and the hardest to keep in line.

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