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             -Revenge of the Beaks-.
             Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your eyes pecked out, by an innocent bird? Well hopefully not, because this is not an ordinary thought to run through a person's mind. The people in the short story and movie The Birds, not only feared the bloody peck of a bird, but feared that this small creature could take their life. Two totally different stories, with one fierce topic. Daphne De Maurer created the idea of the horrific birds in short story "The Birds", and Alfred Hitchcock brought it all to life in the movie.
             In the short story "The Birds" the setting took place right after World War II in London, England. While in the movie, the attacks took place in Bodega Bay right outside of San Francisco. In a much different time period of 1963.
             The characters of the short story and the movie are also very different. In the movie we have, Melanie, a flirty young woman who has her eye on Mich. Mich is the son of Leadia Bermer and, an older brother to his sister, Cathy. In the short story there is Nat, the father of Jill and Johnny who is also a caring husband.
             In both of the stories the main male charters, Mich and Nat, do all that they can to keep the rest from harm. They board up windows and doors to keep out the horrible flesh eating birds that are trying to enter their homes. All that they are worries about is keeping their loved ones safe.
             So you see, the thought of everyday birds pecking at your body is not so unrealistic to the people of these stories. We never really know what happens to Nat and his family, or Mich and his. Maybe were better off not knowing, you can decide for yourself what happens to the characters. Now maybe the next time you see a flying V, you"ll think a little differently. .

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