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             Your kidney fails and you need a new one. That is not a problem; your doctor pulls out one of your hairs and uses the stem cells to create you a new kidney. The new kidney is transplanted and you are saved. This scenario is just one of many ways cloning can save lives or at least make them better. The amounts of positive things that can come from cloning outweigh the negatives greatly. .
             For those of you who think cloning is terrible and should never be done you have most likely cloned something before. When you take a leaf cutting from a plant and plant it to grow into a new plant you are cloning it. This is cloning because the new plant will have the same genetic makeup as the first plant. People have been cloning like this for as long as can be remembered and they did not even know it. For those who are against cloning be sure to check your own actions before pointing fingers. I say this because you have most likely cloned something before. Even if it was just a little plant it is still considered cloning. Another example of cloning that many people do on their own is having identical twins. Identical twins do not have the same pattern as their parents but they do have the same genetical pattern as each other. This is called natural cloning. More people need to think of that before they call all cloning bad. Cloning has been around for a long time and will continue to be around for many years to come.
             What happens when the world runs out of food? Why let our planet run out of food or endangered species when we can clone the things that are scarce and make new versions of them. Cloning food will be the wave of the future. If cloning is perfected we will never have to worry about food shortages. Never running out of food sounds very good to those who have wondered whether we will run out of food one day. It even sounds good to those who have not thought about it. Some people will argue that we can just let the animals mate and create new ones naturally.

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