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            I'am convinced that golf is the most amazing sport ever invented. If you ever played golf i know exactly what are you thinking right know (it is boring, how can you like a game in which you have to hit a ball into a little hole far away and in wich there is no interaction between the players, ther is no action in the sport nothing amazing). Well: You are wrong!!! .
             To strat with you have, at least, to try hitting the ball first and after a few frustrating intents, we can start talking. It is no easy to hit the ball in the first place wich make golf diferent of other sports like soccer,swimming,etc ; in wich you at least can do something even if you are just starting (in soccer you can run and kick the ball, it doesnt matter if you are good, you are just starting!! the same if you go to swim you can swim even if its not with stile you can do something, in golf if its your first time you are going to try to hit the ball at least 5 times before you are able to actually hit it). Now to start playing golf the best is to go to a driving range with a friend and to try to hit the ball there just to start to get the feeling of how to hit it so when you are in the field you can have some fun; with this im not saying you need to be good to go to the course, im saying is best to know how to hit the ball (just hit it and move it !!!!)so you are not a hazard for the people that is playing behind you.
             Going back to what i said before, golf is the bes game ever invented; Why?? Because is the only sport in wich everything that happens depends on you, and only you. You can't blame someone else if you dont win. you are esponsable for ezerythin and instead on being playing against someone you are playing against you and the elements (wind, rain, course.).
             One thing you are going to learn if you play golf is self conrol, how to control your body movements is important to play golf but it is also important how you control your temperament and keep concentrated in the 4 hours that a round of golf last.

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