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Chronicles of the Mon Calamari

            The sun of Mon Calamari rose above the planet's horizon. The blue waters of the planet were seen by the luxury yachts above the planet. The atmosphere was clear. No storms were erupting down at the planet's surface. Seven Mon Calamari Luxury Cruisers and five Gallofree Yards Medium Transports orbited the peaceful blue planet. The cruisers were carrying passengers who paid for a luxury trip to Corellia. Since there were so many passengers, the cruisers could not hold their luggage. Transports had to carry the luggage and food and water supplies. Five more three-winged Lambda -class shuttles were leaving the atmosphere, carrying new passengers to the luxury liners. The shuttles moved around the other smaller cruisers as if it were doing a synchronized dance. They moved to the front of the cruiser fleet, turned around, and docked with the largest cruiser, the Galactic Pleasure . The large cruiser was colorful. Stripes of orange and other colors of the underwater coral of Mon Calamari decorated the cruiser's hull. It was, perhaps, one of the most beautiful liners in galaxy.
             Inside the cruiser Galactic Pleasure , dozens of casinos and bars occupied almost half of the ship's interior space. Casinos were brightly lighted to create a happy feeling and to persuade passengers to gamble their credits. Sabacc tables were full of expert players, betting their money and their properties. There was also a section where you could watch all sports from all corners of the galaxy and bet on the outcome of the games. Bars were always full at the night. Twi'lek dancers and singers of many species entertained the passengers who were having fun. Many of these bars served the best whiskeys and ales in the galaxy, including the famous Corellian whiskey. The rooms for the passengers were luxurious. Passengers had to pay up to one million credits to have the best rooms in the cruiser, where they could get a view of outer space.

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