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            In "The Doll's House,"" by Henrik Ibsen, Ibsen writes about a family that has lots of problems led by the wife Nora. Nora ever since she was a little girl, she was treated like a perish jewel. Nora always thought everything she was doing was right. However, one day Nora did a horrify thing. She forged a document, which was considered evil. Nora did it out of love. She borrowed 250 pounds to save her husband from certain death. Nora took the money and moved to Italy were she could help her husband get well. In fact, the husband Torvald got well. They moved back to England were Torvald worked hard and finally got a promotion at the bank. He was now in charge of everything in the bank. This was where things started to change for the worst. One day after many years, a man named Krogstad (who works at the bank with Nora's husband) shows up mysteriously, and threatens to reveal the secret Nora hid from her husband. Nora in fact borrowed the money from him previously eight years ago. Krogstad tells Nora he will not reveal the secret unless she helps him save his job at work. He wants Nora to put in a good word for him for his husband. Nora becomes shocked and nervous. Furthermore, Nora meets one of her closes friends Mrs. Linde who she hasn't seen in years. She confronts Mrs. Linde and tells her all about her problems. Mrs. Linde tells Nora she will help, since Linde knew Krogstad from before. Therefore, Mrs. Linde sets up an appointment with Krogstad and meets him in private. She protests her love for him, and turns on her friend (who had helped her get a position at the bank). Mrs. Linde tells Krogstad to leave the letter in the box, so Torvald could find out the truth. Furthermore, Torvald reads the letter, and becomes outraged. Torvald confronts Nora with anger. Later on, Krogstad drops off another letter, which contain the forgery. Torvald becomes flattered with joy and forgives his love Nora.

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