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Uniforms are not good. Why?

            I don't know anyone who dresses like me. I hate dressing the way other people dress.
             You raise a very good point, Kelly. Dressing like other people, in uniform, implies that we"re all the same. We don't express any creativity. Now, is that the way you want to be almost every day?.
             Uniforms are so uncomfortable! They"re itchy. The skirts that the girls have to wear are made out of polyester, but it feels itchy, like wool. I would hope that, in the future, they would consider changing the fabric. The collar is too tight and rubs against your neck, making you scratch, causing a rash. My friends and I, and what seems like every other sane girl in our school seems to do, is unbutton one of the buttons at the top. It helps sort of. They"re also hot. It makes you sweat just thinking about having to wear it! I think, frankly, if they"re not going to change (or discontinue) the uniforms, they should at least give ALL the classes air-conditioning. I mean think about wool (or polyester, as they call it) in the summer. It's practically torture.
             They"re also boring. The colors are very bland and have no pop whatsoever. Even black is more interesting. In some schools, there is a choice between, for example, plaid and khaki. That's something. There is also no difference between uniforms. The bottoms are gray and the tops, white. We need more diversity!.
             There is no freedom in our school. The girls aren't allowed to wear pants. There is not much more hope for the boys, apart from maybe making the pants a bit baggier. Fridays are an exception, but you have to wear the exact color gray pants or get a yellow slip (or, if you"re lucky, a warning). The uniforms have to be worn a certain way. The sports uniforms are not allowed to be capri pants, you"re not allowed to wear any other navy blue pants except for the school's and you"re not allowed to roll the top of the pants to make them fit properly. The skirt has to be a certain length and there are no high-heels allowed.

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