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Pride and Prejudice Precis

             This interpretation of Pride and Prejudice made claims that the readers are actually the ones making prejudices against misunderstood male characters, particularly the seemingly "arrogant- Mr. Darcy. Accordingly to the article, most readers tend to justify Elizabeth's prejudices because of the lack of understanding for the male behaviors. It may have appeared that Darcy was rude, but he was truly taken out of context. The author of this article argues that Darcy is, in actuality, misunderstood, romantically inept, and inherently kind. .
             The formulation of the reader's bad impression of Darcy began when he infamously rejects Elizabeth's partnership in dancing. In contrast to how many readers may have viewed his comments, his reluctance to dance with Elizabeth stemmed from his timidity. The argument for this is that upon closer examination of his response, it can be seen that he simply didn't wish to dance with a stranger. And although his comments may have seemed rash and rude, they were only boorish because he was reacting to the Bingley, who was annoyingly pressuring him. Furthermore, although his teteĀ -tetes with Elizabeth made him appear pretentious, it can be argued that he had to reply to her with dignity or else she would've never respected him. After all, she grew fond of him partly because he was her intellectual match. .
             Many confirmed the belief that Darcy was too proud after seeing his way of proposing marriage to Elizabeth the first time. However, if seen from a male's perspective, it was quite natural for his speech to have seem offensive. Upon examining the events preceding the proposal, it's evident that Darcy was a little jealous, making him more determined to win over Lizzy. He had fallen in love with her, but every time they talked, she wanted to fight. Furthermore, she was always being courted by another man- first Mr. Collins, then Wickham, and then his own cousin! Knowing this didn't discourage him; in fact, it made him want her more.

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