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The Rocking Horse Winner

             Lawrence describes the belief that the mother has about money when he wrote, "It's what causes you to have money. If you"re lucky you have money. That's why it's better to be born lucky than rich. If you"re rich, you may lose your money. But if you"re lucky, you will always get more money" (407). I think that this symbolizes the mother's fear that she will never have money and will not be able to keep money if she ever receives it. The mother was never happy with herself or her children because she never had what she wanted, and that was money. .
             I believe that today, a family's place in society is looked at as how content the family is in general. When you think of people who are poor or lower class, you automatically think that they are unhappy. The definition of poor is not unhappy. People that have money are most often looked at as being happy; when in truth a lot of rich families are very depressed and unfulfilled. In D. H. Lawrence's short story, Master Paul rides his rocking horse to find "luck". What Paul finds is that if he rides long enough the name of the winning horse will appear in his head. I think the way that Paul rides his horse so furiously like a mad man symbolizes how people will do anything and everything to get more of something that they want, like money. When Paul got on his horse it was like he was the only one in the room. Lawrence described Paul's mad ride as:.
             And he would slash the horse on the neck with the little whip he had asked Uncle Oscar for But Paul only gave a blue glare from his big, rather close-set eyes. He would speak to nobody when he was in full tilt. His mother watched him with an anxious expression on her face (408-9).
             Paul was searching for the answer to his family's money problems. Paul thought he could find his mother's love if he could provide money and prove he was lucky.
             Las Vegas and Shreveport profit everyday off of greed or the desire to have more money.

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