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College Admission Essay

             In overview of my high school life, I could honestly say that my working experiences have been the most prominent ones. Working and getting a feel of the business world has made me realize a lot of crucial qualities. Qualities such as communication skills, present ability and strong character are important requirements for success. .
             Working with my dad at his retail men's wear store has truly developed my proper communication skills. Learning how to read and understand your clients is a very important part of retail. This art is mastered through communication. To succeed in a business you need to learn your clients likes and dislikes so that they can relate to you and your company and enjoy doing business with you. .
             When you are constantly working with people it is important for you to look presentable. If you dress and appear properly clients will take you as a professional. It also will show clients that you are responsible and take pride in yourself. This will give them a reassurance in working with your company.
             Lastly, when working with people it is important to conduct yourself in a particular manner. Not only must you look responsible, but you should also show a strong character. It should be apparent that you are not easily distracted, and that you will get the job done at all costs. It should also be apparent that pressure does not break you but only makes you stronger and that all disagreements are taken care of professionally and fair. A strong character can also develop self-esteem.
             In conclusion, I would like to state that out of all the qualities I have learned through my fathers business I am most thankful for it influencing my decision on the business career that I chose to pursue. .

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