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Animal Curelty

            If your dog were dying, do you think that it would be possible to find a cure by .
             experimenting on a healthy human? Of coarse not! Yet, we, the public have been led to .
             believe that vivisection, more commonly known as animal testing and dissection, is .
             responsible for "mericle cures" and "medical breakthroughs." Actually vivisection has .
             not cured a single human. The reason is simple, animal experimentation cannot produce .
             cures because it is based on a principle that is medically and scientifically false. Every .
             species of animal is a different biomechanical and biomedical entity. Non-human animals .
             are not only different from humans, but also different from each other. They are .
             anatomically, physiologically, imunnoligically, genetically, and histologically different. .
             There are things that kill certain animals and don't do a thing to humans and visa versa. .
             Aspirin kills cats and penicillin kills guinea pigs. But guinea pigs and monkeys can safely .
             eat strychnine (strick 9), one of the deadliest poisons for humans. Also sheep can eat .
             arsenic, another deadly poison. The immune systems of animals are different from that of .
             humans. Rats live in sewers, dogs drink out of puddles, and cats lick dirt off their bodies .
             without getting sick. Scientists try to claim that animals are similar enough to humans to .
             justify experimenting on them. Would you breathe a gas very "similar" to oxygen? Or .
             would you get a blood transfusion if the blood were very similar, such as monkey blood? .
             I don't think anyone in their right mind would. "Similar" in the scientific community has .
             no meaning. .
             Although people think that vivisection comes up with cures, disease incidence is .
             actually increasing. An example is that since 1971 when President Nixon declared "the .
             war on cancer" the rate of cancer incidences as of September 1994 went up 18%, and the .
             rate of cancer deaths has gone up 7% relative to population growth. Another surprising .

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