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            Adolf Hitler was born at 6:30pm on April 20th, 1889 in the small town of Braunau Am Inn, Austria. His father, Alois, was a customs official. Adolf's mother, Klara, was twenty three years younger than Alois. She had six children but only two survived, Adolf and his sister Paula. During his childhood Adolf went to church and loved to sing in the local choir. School on the other hand was something he didn't love so much. He had bad grades and dropped out before he graduated with interest in becoming an artist or a priest. But when Adolf was thirteen Alois Hitler died from suffering from a pleural hemorrhage and Klara was left alone to raise Paula and Adolf. Three years later his mother developed lung cancer and was treated but then died after a painful operation. Adolf tried to apply to different art schools but couldn't gain admission. He spent the next six years living in Vienna. He was penniless and ended up sleeping in bars, shelters and flophouses. It was during this time that he developed his prejudices about Jews and his interest in politics and history. It was said that also during this time Adolf's closet friends were Jewish and that he admired Jewish art dealers. Vienna, however was the center of stereotyping other religions especially Jews and Adolf couldn't help but be in wonder of it all. In May 1913, Adolf Hitler moved to Munich, Germany. As the first World War broke out, Hitler volunteered for the German army and was accepted into the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. He fought courageously and was promoted to corporal. After serving four years in the trenches, he was temporarily blinded by a gas attack in 1918. While Hitler was recovering some communist-inspired trouble took place. Some of the leaders for these acts were Jews. It was these acts that brought on the hatred of Jews. Between 1918 and 1919 Hitler worked at a prisoner of war camp. He too witnessed a take over by communists.

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