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War on Iraq

             The quote I like is the one where Jefferson asserts: "I do not believe war the most certain means of enforcing principles. Those peaceable coercions which are in the power of every nation, if undertaken in concert and in time of peace, are more likely to produce the desired effect." --Thomas Jefferson to Robert Livingston, 1801.".
             When the United States started to pressure Saddam Hussein about weapons of mass destruction, and the methods he was using to lead Iraq, I was not happy that they were trying to start a war. I have always felt that war never really solves anything, just like I do not believe that teens fighting or anyone fighting, for that matter, ever solves anything. I have always felt that people should and can work things out if they would only take time to come together, talk out their differences, and come to a peaceful resolution. .
             However, when I think of the bible, I recall how often God sent the Israelites into battle to fight for the land that was promised to them, and for other things as well. Then I try to rationalize this current war, and wonder if God is actually pleased with America going into that biblical territory and bomb, destroy and even kill. Although it may not be the intention of our troops, who by the way I support 100%, to injure or kill civilians, the reality of the situation is that no matter how cautious they may try to be, there are always civilian casualties. .
             Then there is the, what they call, "stigma" that is attached to the troops when there are casualties, especially with children. Many anti-war protestors, and those that quietly believe that the war is not right, will undoubtedly publicize negative view points about the war, the troops, and the administration that gave the okay for the war to take place in the first place.
             Likewise, there are the American, British and other Allies" casualties, and their families to consider as well.

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