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Computer Solutions

             Of the vast assortment of possible solutions to inadequate computer knowledge, four stand out as superior: Automated personal computers, Instruction Manuals, Hands on Learning, and Computer Based Training. The most adequate criteria by which to judge the advantages of these four options are cost of Computer-Aid, Performance of Computers vs. Manual Labor, and Reasonable ways to incorporate computers.
             Introduction of Possible Solutions.
             Automated Personal Computers.
             Personal Computers that would be able to help everyone regardless of whether or not the person would be blind, illiterate, or those who have a hard time understanding computers. Automated Personal Computers could make that possible for everyone. With a voice command and detailed descriptions of your work, why would it not be simple to have a better understanding of computers? However, it has its advantages and disadvantages: The work would become easier but it will also cause people to lose jobs. The overall cost of this new technology would be far beyond demand but it will also be well worth it. You would look into about almost $1,000 per household or even more just to attain this type of technology. Automated Personal Computers seem to be the coming of the new age and pretty soon may even be what the world revolves around.
             Instruction Manuals.
             It would possibly be simpler to attain information more efficient by words than to attain the information by screen but it is also a longer process to do so. With instruction manuals, you may end up reading for 48 hours and still not understand what you were trying to in the first place. Instruction Manuals would also be considered a way to incorporate manual labor without outright saying so. In order to use this process of learning, you must first purchase and then sit and set aside hours in order to even began to understand this method.

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