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             The Door (Miroslav Holub) v/s Text 1.
             Æ'nWhat is it about v/s The composer of the poem "The Door" believes that the door is a.
             symbol of change. The Door allows you to get out and experience new things. It.
             suggests that life is full of risks, but if you dont take any, you wont experience new.
             things and your perspective on life wont change.
             Æ'nHow Changes are presented v/s The poet uses the door as an extended metaphor that.
             symbolises change. The Repetition of the line "Go and open the Door" allows the poet to.
             emphasise the need for change. The word "Maybe" is also repeated to further emphasis.
             the need to open the door and suggests that you will never know what's behind the door.
             unless you open it. Visuals of nature, obscurity and darkness are used by the poet as.
             connotations of positive elements and the fear of change.
             Æ'nHow it is linked to Core Text v/s The Change presented in "The Door" is somewhat.
             different to those presented in the poems of Peter Skrzynecki. The poems "Felix.
             Skrzynecki" and "10 Mary St" both suggest that change is an inevitable part of life that.
             cannot be stopped, whereas "The Door" suggests that whether or not change occurs.
             depends on the person and if he/she is willing to take the risk of experiencing new.
             Another text which deals with Changing Perspectives is Text 1 from the Changing Stimulus.
             booklet The Door by Miroslav Holub. To the composer, the door is a symbol of change. The.
             Door allows changes to occur, but can only be opened by an individual. If the door is not.
             opened, then new experiences will not be met and a person's perspective on life will not.
             change. The composer feels that risks need to be taken in life and life is about changing.
             The composer uses the door as an extended metaphor throughout the poem to establish.
             the need for change. Repetition of the imperative "Go and open the door" further asserts.
             the need to open the door and take risks. The word "Maybe" is also repeated, allowing the.

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