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Pride and Prejudice

             Bennet was among the first people to visit Mr. He was always going to end up visiting him but continued to tell his wife that he would not jus to wind her up. Then after the visit he would tell herÆ'n that he had in fact visited Mr. Bingley like this. Seeing that his 2nd daughter was wearing a very low cut top he said "I hope Mr. Bingley will like that Lizzy." His wife replied with this "How the heck are we supposed to know what he likes if you do not visit him you stupid old fool!" "Please, mum you seem to have forgotten, as always, that we'll see him at the disco and that Mrs. Long will introduce him to us," intervened Elizabeth. "I dont believe Mrs. Long would do such a thing because she is a stupid cow with no consideration for anyone else except her tow daughters who she will introduce to Mr. Bingley," replied Mrs. Bennet. "I wouldnt trust her either," said Mr. Bennet. Mrs. Bennet decided not to make an answer, but instead began to yell at one of her daughters. "Turn the bloody music down Kitty your blowing my eardrums into miniscule pieces!" "Come on mum lay off me a bit Im just listening to my new CD," Kitty replied. "So when is the next disco, Lizzy" "Two weeks mum," she replied. "Hah, that daft old cow Mrs. Long wont be back till the day before," exclaimed Mrs. Bennet. "By the way," Mr. Bennet said "I have visited Mr. Bingley." "Well it took you long enough," said his wife. After that Mr. Bennet left the room and into his study.

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