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My Reasons

             Northeast State Community College has many things to offer a.
             Plainview, I feel that Northeast is best suited for me. The.
             college offers the courses I need in the time frame I need then. .
             I also feel more comfortable at a smaller school. I plan to.
             attend Notheast Alabama State Community College for three.
             important reasons. .
             Northeast is a good choice for me because of the location of.
             the college. Since Northeast is so close to home it will make it.
             possible for me to remain living with my parents. It will also.
             give me the chance to keep a job in my hometown. Northeast will.
             allow me to attend college with people that I"m familiar with.
             which will make me more comfortable. The location of Northeast .
             is an important aspect to me.
             The second most important reason I wish to attend Northeast.
             is because it is a community college. Since it is only a two.
             year school, it will allow me to enter the work force sooner. .
             The school will not be very intimidating since it is a smaller.
             college. This will also enable me to to recieve more attnetion.
             form the teachers. The small community college will be a great.
             place for me to recieve a college education.
             The third most important reason that I want to attend.
             Northeast is that is has excellent scholarship opportunities. .
             The college awards scholarships to students with excellent.
             academic records. It also recognizes students with leadership.
             opportunities with is important to me. It would be a great honor.
             to recieve a scholarship to Northeast. I believe that this is.
             within my reach because Northeast offers a wide range of.
             scholarship opportunities.
             In conclusion, I believe Northeast State Community College.
             is the best college for me. The location of the college is.
             convenient for me and it also offers the classes I need. .
             NOrtheast is also smaller than most colleges which will make me.
             more at ease with college life. The college has many aspects.
             that attract me. Northeast is the college that will allow me to.

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