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Vehicle Accidents

             Most wrecks involve more than one person, but not the wreck that I experienced. Many people have a number of causes for wrecking a vehicle. A few causes of my wreck included not paying attention, driving too fast, and wet pavement roads. What really matters in a vehicle accident is the effects afterward. The effects I experienced from my wreck included, my parents being very scared for me, recieving a ticket for speeding, and many people become severely hurt. I only received a concussion and was very fortunate.
             Before leaving my house early that morning I remember my father telling me to put on my seat belt and to be careful. About thirty minutes later, a man shows up at my parent's door, saying I rolled my truck about three miles from the house. Once my parents showed up at the scene, I was out of the truck and police were everywhere. My mother ran up to me to make sure that I had ten fingers, ten toes, and all my body parts attached. My parents were so frightened for me, but blessed that I was okay. .
             Once the wreck was cleaned up, as a result of speeding, I received a speeding ticket. The officer said I was lucky no other vehicles were involved or the accident could have been worse. My ticket was a lesson I had to pay for and I learned from. My parents said I would have to pay for the ticket since it was my wreck and my fault. I realized that day to pay attention to how fast I drive.
             Beyer 2.
             After I left the scene my mother took me to the emergency room to make sure I was not hurt internally. The doctor told me I was very lucky to have just received a concussion and no broken or bruised bones. If I had worn my seat belt, I would not have been jarred around causing me a concussion. To this day, I wear my seat belt every where I go just so if I was to wreck I would have less of a chance getting hurt.
             My wreck was a learning lesson. I do not plan to experience again. I learned how the cause of my wreck had a big effect of how I drive from day to day.

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