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             As the quality or state of being addicted. To devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively," and an addict (noun) as "one who is addicted to a substance," in this paper, the substance is the computer game. At this time, I think that it is important to distinguish between the different categories of addiction that I believe exist. .
             Addiction is not always a bad thing. There is a degree of addiction that is harmless, and at times, its potential can to lead to positive outcomes. This form is healthy and can motivate people to do great things, but this only happens when the addiction remains at a small degree. .
             The second degree of addiction is that of moderate addiction. This kind of addiction takes over certain parts of the gamer's life, it is unhealthy, and is usually caused by external, rather that internal, factors. External refers to the infrastructure of the computer game, whereas internal factors exist in certain human needs that are not being fulfilled in the gamer's life.
             The severe form of addiction consumes most of the addict's entire being: their social lives, relationships, work, school, marriage, and daily routines, among others. This is very unhealthy and detrimental, and takes place when major internal needs in the addict's real life are not being met. This hardcore addict uses computer gaming as a fulfilment of these internal needs, which will be explained in the next section, Causes of Addiction.
             2. Gender and personality traits also influence the chances that a child will use drugs. Drug use is generally more common among boys than girls. But both boys and girls who have little self control, and girls who have difficulty coping with difficulty are at increased risk of using drugs. .
             Adolescents and children with conduct disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and those who are aggressive, moody, and negative are more likely to use drugs than less aggressive, more positive children without these disorders.

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