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Reason for going to shcool

             Webber International University has a reputation of being one of the top schools in.
             I have a natural mind for business studies and numbers. Since I because.
             involved in business classes, I have wanted to expand my knowledge in the field. The.
             coarse in which I plan to study, finance, will also be helpful in making good choices with.
             my own finances. Financial Planners make many friends in their field of business because.
             they are helpers. They help all kinds of people to make wise investments with their.
             hard-earned money. Many people today are paying to much tax., can't save money, and.
             are confused about where they should invest their money. These are they people that will.
             make my career worth while. Since September 11, 2001, the economy has been very.
             feeble. Many people are unsure about their investments and how to manage their money. .
             With the help of a financial planner, they can manage their money successfully. Financial.
             Planners assist the client to implement the right strategy to ensure that they reach their.
             financial goals and objectives. .
             My definition of success consist of 3 main goals: living comfortable, a good.
             relationship with your parents, and constantly gaining knowledge on a daily basis. Post.
             graduation, I plan to study psychology. I want to have a variety of choices as for what I.
             want to do with my studies. I believe in choices. Learning psychology has many personal.
             benefits as far as understanding the science of human behavior. Webber University can be.
             the jump-start for the bright future I have in mind. It's apparent that it is a great place to.
             gain the proper knowledge to make knowledgeable, life choices.
             Many people never even get the chance to decide what they want to do with their.
             money. Some people just have enough money to get by. These are the people I am most.
             interested in helping after the pursuit of my career. So many people are unaware of the.
             choices they have to invest their money and earn more.

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