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             I feel that the war in Iraq shouldn't be happening at all. Many innocent people are dying because of one bad person. I feel that bush could have found a better way to remove Saddam out of the country. War is way too costly and we"re already moving toward another depression. Bush is only having this war for political benefit. There are many people around the U.S. who feel that the war shouldn't be happening. People who have just had children or just gotten married are being shipped off to a place where many of our people have been killed or captured already. No one really knows what's going on over seas. The news only reports what they want, there is no guarantee that the people who are supposed to be fighting on our side really are. There have been several occasions where I've been watching the news and heard that our soldiers are being killed by people on our side. Although there may have been weapons being transported from Russia to Iraq they probably would have never been used. Some people feel they need the sort of thing for their own piece of mind. Even if they were planning to use the weapons against us the U.S. is ready for anything with the countries we have on our side and the advanced technology we have today. I don't think that anyone should have to "shed blood" to get a point across. There are too many people who are dying because of President Bush. Not only are people dying but our economy is suffering because or the war. The war is cost somewhere in the billions of dollars and with all the tax cuts and people losing jobs because of this Enron scandal we need all the help we can get to get our economy up and running again. In all I feel that the war could have easily been avoided if Bush hadn't jumped right into it without trying to find other ways or working the situation out. .

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