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            The Bioethical Focus article entitled "Cloning in Humans" gives us some basic background information on cloning. However, after reading this article I wanted more insight on the topic of cloning, so I researched it more in depth on the Internet. After looking up a few different articles on cloning I have come to a decision concerning where I stand on this controversial issue. .
             Personally, I believe that human cloning should be banned in the United States, except under a few certain circumstances. For instance, one benefit of cloning would be in the use for medicine. If cloning were used for medical purposes, scientist would be able to create healthy lungs for cancer patients, or new hearts for heart patients, which would drastically reduce waiting lists for people who need vital organ transplants in order to live. Human cloning also gives rise to the production of stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to develop into all kinds of cells, for example, neuron cells, kidney cells or liver cells, thus stem cells can be used to culture human tissues and organs. .
             Another instance in which I think cloning would be acceptable is one, which the article from our book mentions: the use of cloning for parents to produce a child free of genetic diseases. Eliminating the defective genes ensures that a child will be born free of disease and more importantly, that the child will be able to live a complete life. A life, which he/she deserves. The one and only wish of a parent is that their child is born healthy and fully capable and I believe that cloning would make this possible.
             In the case of cloning in order to produce improved breeds of farm animals, I still take the position of banning it in the United States. Cloning animals is quit expensive, and there is a low success rate. For instance, it took 277 tries to produce Dolly, and Roslin scientists produced many lambs with abnormalities.

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