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complaint against a solictior

             Disputes with and complaints about solicitors cover a wide range of issues. Sometimes clients think that they have been overcharged or that their solicitor has not communicated sufficiently with them or that he or she has been negligent, incompetent or unethical.
             If you have a dispute or complaint relating to any of these issues, discuss it with your solicitor. Often a frank discussion will resolve the problem.
             Professional Standards Can Help.
             If after speaking to your solicitor you are still not satisfied, or if you do not wish to discuss the matter further with your solicitor, you can request the Professional Standards department of Victorian Lawyers RPA Ltd to assist.
             How Can Professional Standards Assist You?.
             If your problem relates to a dispute with your solicitor about money - either legal costs or financial loss resulting from the solicitor's mishandling of your matter - Professional Standards will attempt to resolve your dispute. If an agreement is reached to your satisfaction, a written record of the agreement will be prepared by Professional Standards, which can be enforced as a court order.
             If agreement cannot be reached, you can refer your dispute to the Legal Profession Tribunal, which will arrange a formal conciliation with the parties concerned. The Legal Profession Tribunal is independent and has been set up to hear and decide solicitor-client disputes and disciplinary charges brought against solicitors. A retired judge chair the Tribunal and its members, including a layperson, are appointed for five-year terms.
             If agreement is not reached at conciliation, the dispute can be referred to the registrar of the Tribunal for a final decision.
             If your problem relates to conduct, Professional Standards will thoroughly investigate your complaint and if the investigator believes the Tribunal would find the solicitor guilty of either unsatisfactory conduct or misconduct, charges can be laid.

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