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Cause Effect "Who I am"

            There are many ways to define a person depending on what you really want to know. That person could be male or female, rich or poor, good or evil. I have come up with three traits that I have which may be of some interest and beneficial for you to read about. I am a dog lover, a misguided teenager, and someone that always has to win and get what he wants. There are good and bad consequences of what I chose to become. What I have learned from those consequences and how I have applied it to my life is what counts. .
             I am an only child so I have no siblings and the relatives who are of the same age as I am live in a different place. I did have some friends who were neighbors but they were studying in a Thai school and I was in an International school so we didn't get to see each other much because of the time table and summer holiday systems. I have no one to play with so I am usually alone and lonely. I went to study abroad in Singapore at an early age. I realized that was the time when I was closest to my parents. When I was coming back to study in Thailand, either by fate or coincidence my mom had bought me a dog. A Shiz-Tzu as a matter of fact, which to me was a life-saver. When I moved back to Thailand my family wasn't as close as it used to be. My mom worked and she had to leave very early in the morning so I didn't see her when I woke up. She would be exhausted after work and would come home and sleep right away so I didn't see her at night either. As for my dad, he too worked and left very early in the morning with my mom. He was very busy all day long and usually came home very late so I never got to see him. The only thing that had time for me was my dog. In the morning she would see me off when I went to school. In the afternoon she would wait at the front porch ready to greet me. At night she would sleep in my bed and we were always playing with each other. A very tight bond developed along with a very strong attachment.

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