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Slavery In the 1800's

            In the history of the United States nothing has brought more shame to the face of America than the cold, calculated method of keeping black people in captivity. People from England who migrated to America used many different methods to enslave black people and passed them down through the children. These methods were quite effective, so effective that these "slaves" were kept in captivity for over two hundred years in this country. It was the rain of terror that kept black people in fear of their lives for so long. The invention of the gun back in the fifth-teenth century was the main reason that these people were able to go to another continent and enslave so many people. These people from Africa were mistreated very badly right from the start both mentally and physically. They were packed very tightly on ships for months at a time chained to.
             each other with no place to go to the bathroom, little water to drink, and hardly anything to eat. As the population constantly increased in the colonies during the.
             1600's, so did the demand for slavery especially in the southern colonies where the big plantations were. These plantations were very profitable since the owners had free manual labor and they could keep all the profit from the crops for themselves.
             They also had to validate what they were doing to themselves so what they did was tell themselves that these slaves were barbaric and not smart enough to be civilized. These slave owners also owned huge houses in the middle of their plantations and thought of themselves as noblemen. In actuality, it was the slaves who were living nobly while the Europeans were living barbarically. The Europeans who owned slaves also thought that the slaves were not smart enough because they could not speak English and they did not have a written language. This was proven not to be true either because the second generation of slaves learned the English language with no trouble at all.

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